PROJECT: Port Authority
TYPE: Feature Film
GENRE: Drama
STUDIO: Madeleine Films (Paris)
DIRECTOR: Danielle Lessovitz
CASTING DIRECTORS: Damian Bao and Kate Antognini
SHOOT DATES: Starts June 2018 for 4-6 weeks
PAID OPPORTUNITY: $$$ will be discussed when talent moves to the final round

New York. A teenage boy’s life is thrown into disarray when he is forced to leave his aunt’s home in a small Midwestern or Southern town and move in with a cousin he’s never met before in New York City. After not being picked up at the Port Authority bus station, an abandoned Paul is thrust into brutal city life battling means of survival and morality. Finding salvation in the form of his love for a beautiful woman of color from a vibrant dance community in the Bronx, NY, Paul is left alone to face the discomfort of navigating a romance as he grows into his own identity.

All actors and non-actors are welcome to submit to the Online Open Call. Acting experience is not required to be considered.

PAUL (17), Male, White – Open, scrappy, fearless and raw, Paul comes from a blue collar or more disadvantaged upbringing. He is vulnerable and naive beneath his flimsy masculine bravado. (Open to talent ages 15-20 from all 50 U.S. states.) – Submit for the role in the form below.


This is a PAID opportunity to star in a feature film that will premiere at a prestigious film festival. It is also an opportunity for a new actor or non-actor to start a serious acting career and get the attention of the top acting agents, talent managers, and casting directors in the world.

For those who are not based in NYC, if you are selected, the below will be provided:

  • Roundtrip transportation to NYC
  • Transportation to and from the film set
  • Accommodations and lodging
  • Spending money for food each day
  • Compensation for each day/week that you work on set
  • (and possibly) A roundtrip to France with travel, accommodations, and lodging also covered

*** If talent is under 18, a parent or guardian will also be flown to NYC with travel and lodging expenses covered.

Submit for the Role of Paul (Lead)

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Note: Thank you for your interest in becoming a talent! Personal information and photos submitted will only be used for casting purposes. If there is further interest, someone from our office will be in touch with you within 30 days.

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